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Why Is My iPad Charging So Slowly? Get The Reasons And Solutions

There are plenty of stories on the Internet from people who find their iPhone or iPad charges slower than expected. There are even forums full of discussions about why iDevices aren’t charging. I also thought when I used my iPhone, why is my IPad charging so slow?

But this has nothing to do with the software nor with the hardware. Chances are there’s something in your lightning port that’s blocking it. Think of fluff from fabric in your pocket. Fortunately, this is easy to fix!

Why Is My iPad Charging So Slowly

Steps need to know:

If your iPad charges slowly, these are problems that make iPhone users unhappy and often occur. But now, in some cases, these problems are easy to fix. In this blog, we will discuss what can go wrong when your iPad slows to charge. We will address the following points:

  • Check the power supply
  • Use original charger
  • iPad charging off? The plug does not supply enough power


iPad charging slowly? Check the adapter, charging cable, or power supply

If the iPad no longer charges, it is always important to check the power supply. In many cases, the charging cable or adapter needs to be replaced. The issue is not naked eye-friendly. That is why you must check this carefully. You do this by charging the same iPad with a different adapter or charging cable. It is also always beneficial to try another socket. Sometimes a defect is a problem that prevents the iPad from charging.


Use Original Charger

Suppose your apple charger does apple iPad charging very slowly 24/7, then no worries; unfortunately, Apple chargers don’t last forever.

ipad orignal charger


You often have to purchase a new cable during the life of your iPad. Although Apple’s lines don’t always last as long, they are the best for the life of your iPad. When purchasing a new cable, the cheap version is often chosen.

Using an incorrectly certified cable when charging your iPad can damage the power management chip. That can eventually result in charging issues, and sometimes the iPad may not charge at all.

That is annoying damage that can only be repaired by replacement, and after that, you will always be confused why is my iPad charging so slow even after the whole day. I go through this issue then I realize why my iPad charges so slowly.


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iPad charging off? The plug does not supply enough power

Apple has developed a special charger for the iPad. With this charger, it is possible to charge all Apple products. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work the other way around.

If you try to charge an iPad with an iPhone charger, you can experience various problems such as the iPad charging slowly even plugged, the iPad no longer charges, or the iPad makes contact but does not charge.

All of these problems indicate using the wrong adapter. The iPad often gives a message: charging off. In this case, the adapter used has a wattage that is too low so that the iPad will not charge or will hardly charge. It is therefore essential to always check whether the adapter provides at least 10 watts when charging your iPad.


Side note:

Airplane mode can play a vital role in increasing the charging speed of your Apple tablet. So if you can live without calls and messages for a while, try this old hack.

If you want to dig deeper into the slow charging issue and want to find the reason why is my iPad charging so slow, don’t stop with the Airplane mode trick?

Disable Services of location from your phone (Open Settings then press Privacy and open Location Services), Background App Refresh (Select settings, push General, press Background App Refresh), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Downloads / Updates day of apps, and basically whatever eats in the battery.


A Few Troubleshooting Methods Recommended By Apple

  • Check the cable
  • Charge for half an hour
  • Leave it plugged in for 30 minutes; after the force restart,
  • Check the Charging Port
  • Update software

If you feel my iPad is charging very slowly, then use these troubleshooting methods.


How Do You Fix A Slow Charging iPad?

So, if your iPad charging slow and draining fast then, I’m sure the tips mentioned above can make the iPad load more quickly; they might not click if there is a bug hidden at the heart of the problem. In this situation, there are a few reliable solutions that might prove to be very helpful in solving the problem.


Charge Your iPad from a Mac

Charging an iPad on a Mac is always slower than if it is done through a power outlet, since the power supply is not the same.


If your Mac fails to charge it, then sometimes your iPad will warn you. Sometimes the battery icon appears, but the iPad battery slow to charge during this time, and its rate remains unchanged.

If you are connecting your tablet through a MacBook, make sure the MacBook itself is charging. Otherwise, you always worry about a single issue, that is, why does my iPad charge so slowly? So, whatever Mac you use, be sure to connect your tablet to it, rather than your external keyboard, for example.


Finally, make sure that the USB tip is inserted into the corresponding output of the Mac and that the Mac is on or on standby.


Force Restart Your iPad

A force restart is known as a must-try troubleshooter. So when you come across various troubles, don’t miss this well-known savior and an adorable solution for your query of why is my iPad charging so slow and drained so fast.

how to restart ipad


On iPad Pros without a Home button:

  1. Press the button of volume up.
  2. Press the button of volume down.
  3. In the end, select and hold the top button for about 5 seconds till your device restarts and the logo of the Apple device appears.

On iPads with a home button: Select and hold the control of power and the home button until the logo of Apple appears on the screen.

Now try to charge your iPad. Most likely, the tablet will charge as expected.


Update the Software on Your iPad

If you are still having trouble getting rid of charging issues on your iPad, update the software. You’d be amazed at how many issues each new software update fixes (and, of course, the plethora of issues that arise after every new release).

Go to the Settings app → General → Software Update. Now you know what to do, don’t you? After a lot of research and knowledge, I found my answer to why is my iPad charging so slow.

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