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MacBook Air Won’t Turn On – How to Fix?

The reasons why a MacBook Air won’t turn on can be very different – from a banal breakdown of the adapter to the failure of the motherboard.

In this article, we will look at the reasons why the MacBook does not turn on, as well as ways to solve the problem. There are steps you can take yourself, as well as those that are only possible with a professional service. Let’s consider all possible options.

MacBook Air Won't Turn On

Why MacBook Air won’t turn on

When the MacBook Air won’t turn on, the first thing to check is the battery level. It is often enough to plug the device into an electrical outlet and then use it normally.

Macbook Air may not boot for the following reasons:

  • The charger or device connector is out of order, in such cases it is enough to replace the broken module with a similar part;
  • The equipment is equipped with a motherboard with a MagSafe connector, the breakdown of this module requires complex repair;
  • Mechanical damage to the display or internal components also becomes the reason for contacting the service center;
  • The device does not work when the battery has exhausted its resource, or the battery has failed for other reasons.

The breakdown of a MacBook is always an additional headache for the owner of the equipment. It is almost impossible to repair expensive equipment on your own due to the lack of knowledge and specialized tools.


1. Possible Reasons Why MacBook Air won’t turn on

Power supply failure

If the power supply is out of order, and the battery is discharged, then naturally the poppy will not turn on. Need to check with another unit.


Faulty keyboard

On Macs, the power button is part of the keyboard. Button failure is usually associated with flooding. Even a small amount of liquid can cause such a breakdown, because the power button is always energized, even when the MacBook is turned off.

And the symbiosis of liquid and electricity leads to oxidation, corrosion and destruction of the conductive layer.


Deep discharge of the battery or power failure

Sometimes, when the battery is severely discharged, the poppy gets into a kind of stupor. It stops turning on and responding to charging (the indicator does not light up). It is necessary to disconnect the battery and wait a few seconds for the board to de-energize.


Malfunctioning MagSafe connector

If the power connector (MagSafe) is out of order, and the battery is discharged, we get the same situation as with the faulty unit.


Liquid ingress

Filling can lead to a wide variety of damage. Starting from the failure of the keyboard and ending with oxidation and short circuits on the motherboard.


The fault  of the parent  board

If the MacBook does not turn on and all the options described above have been excluded, then a motherboard malfunction remains.

Most often, if it does not turn on, then the problem is in the power circuits, and there are more than a dozen different voltages on the board. But the problem can also be in the multicontroller and the chip.

In general, there are many nuances and this is a separate topic for a separate article. We will definitely write one.

MacBook Air Won't Turn On

2. Self-diagnosis Methods  

At home, without measuring equipment only two cases can be diagnosed:

  • Deep discharge
  • Power button.

From the tools you need a screwdriver to remove the back cover.


Power button malfunction

To eliminate this malfunction, you must remove the back cover, disconnect the battery, disconnect the keyboard cable and connect the charger. If the MacBook is 2011 or later, then it will have to turn on.


Deep discharge of the battery

To diagnose this malfunction, you will also need to disconnect the battery and connect the charger, the MacBook should work from the unit. Sometimes, instead of pushing the battery, resetting the  SMC helps  ;  you need to do a reset first, before disassembling.


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SMC is a system Multicontroller

This is a microcircuit responsible for the operation of all power supplies on the board, for turning on the MacBook, for various operating modes. It works constantly, even when the poppy is turned off. The microcircuit is smart, has its own firmware (microprogram) and memory in which the settings are saved. The failure of this program can lead to various manifestations and glitches, including the fact that the poppy will not turn on. To restore performance, you must, as it were, reboot, reset the settings to the factory settings.

The reset is done in two ways:

  1. Disconnect the power supply. If the battery is disconnected, the power supply to the SMC will be cut off and the next time it is turned on, it will auto reset.
  2. Using a combination of buttons on the keyboard. All MacBooks provide a combination to reset the SMC settings. When it is executed, a signal is sent to the reset pin of the SMC chip, which “resets” and resets the settings.

The keyboard reset in all Apple laptops is done as follows:

Connect the charger, hold down the shift + control + alt buttons and press the power button . An indication that the reset has occurred will be that the color of the charging indicator turns from orange to green (if it was lit in orange).


3. Reasons why MacBook won’t boot after update

The device can behave in a similar way due to a number of different errors. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Installing updates for the Mac OS operating system (or the laptop installed it on its own, if the auto-update option is activated).
  • When you restart (turn on) your device, a black screen was displayed instead of the download bar.
  • Looking at this black screen, you heard 3 long beep-beep-beep sounds repeated every 5 seconds.



If resetting NVRAM and SMC didn’t work for you, then your Mac is in serious trouble. The best solution would be to contact a certified service for professional diagnostics. Keep in mind that your MacBook is backed by Apple’s Limited Warranty for a year from activation, and some repairs are free of charge.

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