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iPhone Location Services Not Working- How to fix?

You can track and record GPS anywhere you go on your iOS iPhone. You may use your device’s GPS tracker to check your locations using apps such as Google Maps. If you reach it, you may see which highways you are, which roads around you, and any close enterprises. However, before tracking your iPhones or iPads, you will need to provide permission to do so. However sometimes due to unknown reasons iPhone location services not working.


Do you not have a problem iPhone location services not working?

The most probable situation is if your iPhone location services application doesn’t work. But, you haven’t seen anything that works wrong with the phone. Probably it is a software problem. If mobile phone hardware is defective, it is safe to assume that there are other defectives services aside from this particular one.

A bug on your device software stops localization services from detecting your location. This is the common reason behind the malfunctioning of location service functions in IOS. It also causes by an operating system failure. You have to solve these problems.

Some several methods and corrections solve your iPhone location services that don’t function.

iPhone location services not working

Accuracy of GPS service 

It is due to the GPS of your smartphone is not accurate due to which iPhone location services are not working. The precision of the GPS relies on the number of GPS satellites visible. It frequently takes a few minutes to locate all visible satellites. GPS precision grows over time under typical situations. Try to increase GPS precision by ensuring the accurate date, time, and time zone.

If your iPhone x Gps not working. This pathway for accuracy of GPS

1- Setting

2- General

3- Date and Time

4- Set Automatically

Remember, try to maintain your view clear if you travel in any direction. Certain features such as

  • Roofs of vehicles
  • Walls,
  • Big buildings,
  • Mountains
  • Other obstacles

Typically hinder the capture of GPS satellite signals and the iPhone localization service is unworkable.


Restarting of an iPhone

If your localization services difficulties remain, forcing your iPhone to restart might help resolve the problem. If the iPhone has a software fault that stops applications from accessing your location, you may refresh the OS by restart the device and remove the bug.

There are different combination techniques for different models of the iPhone series for forcing a restart of an iPhone. Such as

…For iPhone below or up to 6S series

To see the Apple logo, hold home and power simultaneously for a restart action

…For iPhone 7 series

Hold down the sleep/wake key and lower the volume. Wait for the logo of Apple

…For iPhone X or iPhone 8 series 

Push the volume up button on the release quickly. Press the down volume button quickly. Press the Power button and hold it until the Apple logo appears.



Take a look at Location service setting.

If, yet, you cannot fix the problem of iPhone location services. Restore location and confidentiality can then help in fixing the problem. You will need to ensure that location service is (ON) in your privacy settings before debugging your device for any problem.

Follow the flow line to reset your location service settings of iPhone.

1- Settings

2- General

3- Reset

4- Reset Network Settings

5- Then restart your device and again turn OFF/ON the location service.

You will have to verify whether the app is restricted from the use of your location when you’ve already permitted Location services. Also, your third-party app is still not ready to use your location.

Follow this pathway to check this action

1- Click on Setting

2- Then On Screen Time >

3-Content & Privacy Restrictions.

In this section, you’ll see all the apps you require. To access your location, click on the app and select Always. It allows the application at any moment to access your location.


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Try with a new and Different location 

It may be that what is going on in your locality is unique. In other words, there may be anything nearby, which interferes with and causes malfunction of the location services app. The weather might be extreme or unexpected, the geographical development of large mountains, or the electrical interference.

If you can leave the place and wait till the app is far enough. That may not be an optimum answer at the moment. But this problem is not resolving this issue up to the mark.


VPN issue 

You need to switch this off if you use a VPN on your iOS device. VPN fake your site so that you have access to limited material. If third-party apps do not identify your location, your VPN may be activated.

You may alter or disguise your IP address to allow your ISP to ban applications and websites.


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