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iPhone 13 Mini: Price, Release Date, Specifications


Together with the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max , with a probability of 99.9%, the Cupertinians will also release the compact iPhone 13 mini , the successor to the 12 mini . Sales of the latter leave much to be desired, so if the 13 mini also turns out to be not very popular, it will probably become the last compact iPhone in history.


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iPhone 13 mini price

The rise in dollar prices is unlikely to happen. The new compact iPhone will cost the same as the iPhone 12 mini at launch.

How much will they ask for 13 mini with us? It seems that from $1K for the version with 64 GB.


iPhone 13 Mini Release Date

Apple will reveal the next generation iPhone in September. Network analysts even give the date. It is symbolic – September 13th .

When will sales start? In the USA, probably on the 20th of the first autumn month.


iPhone 13 mini release date

iPhone 13 Mini Specifications

The options are almost the same as those of the iPhone 13 mini. But the screen and battery will be smaller.

  • Processor: 5nm mighty Apple A15 Bionic. There will be a real monster in the tests. In fact, we are unlikely to notice the difference (modern iPhones are all fast). But energy efficiency will rise. And this is good.
  • Display: 5.42-inch OLED display. Alas, not LTPO. Exactly the same as the iPhone 12 mini with a 60Hz refresh rate.
  • Screen protection: New generation Ceramic Shield. It must become even stronger and more reliable.
  • Bangs with Face ID: Surely there will be less, but the scanner itself is faster. Gotta learn to recognize us in the mask.
  • Touch ID: Will not return. We must accept and calm down.
  • Rear camera: A new module with a diagonal arrangement of two sensors (they will probably again be 12-megapixel). The size of the sensors will become larger, they will be able to capture more light (which means better shooting, especially at night).
  • Selfie Camera: Not likely to change. It is good for the iPhone 12 mini too.
  • Sound: High-quality speakers, no 3.5mm jack. We do not expect any revelations here.
  • Battery and fast charging: Get bigger . It was 2227 mAh, it will become 2406 mAh . The charging power will increase, according to rumors, slightly, up to only 25 watts.
  • Flash memory capacity: 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB. The latter is presumably.
  • Communication: Wi-Fi 6E, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth 5.2.
  • Dimensions:Same as iPhone 12 mini.
  • Package Contents: As poor as the iPhone 12 mini. The adapter will not be returned, nor will the headphones.


But the camera module is different, which immediately catches the eye (it will catch the eye and passers-by, who will admire the fact that you have not an old, but a new iPhone).


iPhone 13 Mini Design

According to rumors from insiders on Twitter, the new iPhone 13 mini prototypes that Apple recently made look like previous iPhone 12 models.

They have the same angular edges and dimensions as the previous line. The bangs may be smaller due to the Face ID upgrade and the addition of Touch ID.

Recently, the front glass on the iPhone 13 mini lit up online. Photos show that Apple could update the speaker placement by lifting it off the front-facing camera. This way, the bangs can be significantly reduced.


iPhone 13 Mini Display – Standby

iPhone 13 Mini Display

Regarding the display of the new iPhone 13 mini, nothing is clear yet, because Apple is just developing a new device.

However, some insiders who cite sources within the company are talking about the introduction of 120Hz for the premium iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

To implement a 120Hz refresh rate on the iPhone, Apple needs to use LTPO display technology. LTPO offers a more energy efficient back plane that turns individual pixels on and off on the display and also extends battery life.

Unfortunately, the display on budget models may remain the same as on the iPhone 12.

Insiders John Prosser and LeaksApplePro have confirmed that the new 2021 iPhones are likely to feature a Promotion screen. Min-Chi Kuo also reported this in early spring, so the rumors are becoming more realistic.

In addition, rumors have surfaced about the introduction of LTPO screen technology into the new premium iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.


iPhone 13 Mini Processor

In keeping with Apple’s tradition, each new iPhone lineup introduces a new generation processor. This year it will be A15.

An insider Leaks Apple Pro managed to get information about the new A15 processor.

  • Will be manufactured using a 5 nm process technology;
  • Equipped with 8 cores;
  • Will receive 8 threads;
  • Will be equipped with 6GB of RAM (for the non-professional iPhone 13);
  • 8 GB of RAM (for Pro models);
  • Apple’s main goal is to improve battery life.


iPhone 13 Mini Colors

iPhone 13 Mini colors

The colors of the new iPhone always give rise to a lot of rumors, although in most cases they are not confirmed.

There is no doubt the rumor has its roots, Apple has been doing a lot of color tests throughout the development of the new iPhone, leaving one or two new colors at the end at best.

Right now, the iPhone 12s is available in white, black, blue, green, purple, and red, while the iPhone 12 Pro is available in graphite, silver, gold, and blue.

We’ll keep most of this color range in the new iPhones, although some of them will be replaced. Thus, in the iPhone 13 Pro, graphite will give way to matte black, which will look much blacker than the current model, which has a more grayish tint.

There is also talk of a bronze color that is more orange than current gold. And for “non-professional” models, it would be possible to include pink, but it seems too risky.


Face ID

The iPhone 13 mini will support facial recognition as a security system for purchases, Apple Pay payments and device unlocking.

Face ID will not work differently, although it will differ in components, which will further miniaturize everything and reduce the size of the notch.

It is almost impossible that the new iPhone will have a fingerprint recognition system or Touch ID.

Whether it’s under the screen or on the power button, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see this new product this year, so we’ll have to keep living with face masks and Face ID.

Those of us with an Apple Watch at least have a watch-based unlock system when we wear a face mask.

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