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iPhone 10 Touch Screen Not Working – How to Fix?

In this article, we’ll show you iPhone 10 Touch Screen Not Working after updating to iOS 13.5. Whether the phone is stuck on a black screen or not, as long as there is no evidence of physical or liquid damage, you should be able to repair it and get it to respond again. If you’re one of the users who is already facing the same difficulty, here’s what you should do.

Your iPhone touch screen may cease operating for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, there are numerous options for resolving those issues.


Why is my iPhone 10 touch screen unresponsive?

When the physical element of your iPhone’s display that handles Touch (known as the digitizer) stops operating correctly, or if the programming on your iPhone stops “connecting” to the device the way it should, the issue arises.

It could be a hardware or software issue, in other words.

It’s unclear why, seemingly at random, the iPhone screen becomes unresponsive to touch, taps, motions, and other tactile interactions.

The iPhone 10 unresponsive screen problem is most likely software-related. However, there have also been claims that when the iPhone 10 is in a chilly climate, the touchscreen could become unresponsive or frozen. Installing the iOS upgrades may fix the problem in some instances.

The iPhone 10 touchscreen periodically stops or becomes unresponsive owing to a software fault, such as a bug in a specific app or iOS system or a system daemon eating system resources, causing the device to become unresponsive or frozen. That’s because, after a hard restart, the touchscreen becomes responsive again.


 There are a few reasons why iPhone 10 Touch Screen Not Working


  1. 1. Too many programs running at the same time wreak havoc on memory;
  2. Your iPhone was submerged in water or another liquid;
  3. Dust particles, lubricants, and organic debris have accumulated on the screen;
  4. Adapters for touch screens are welded dry.
  5. Physical damage to the touch screen;

How do I fix an unresponsive touch screen?

Follow these steps to fix your iPhone 10 touch screen issues:


  • Cases or screen protectors should be removed.
  • Warm up your iPhone, especially if you live in a chilly climate.
  • Force Restart your computer.
  • Update your iOS to the most recent version.
  • If at all feasible, disable 3D Touch.
  • Using Recovery Mode, reinstall iOS.
  • Reset the phone to original defaults.
  • Turn off automatic iOS updates on your iPhone or iPad


Fix# 01

Cases or screen protectors should be removed:

It’s frequently the case that designed screen protectors or pro screen coverings cause issues. Many people believe that screen protectors don’t mess with touchscreens.

Still, they do–especially if you’re reusing an outdated one or using one manufactured for a different system or brand of device.

Remove any case that covers the screen first, proceeding with any more debugging. Alternatively, if you’re using a screen cover, take it off. After that, restart your phone to see whether the screen replie


iPhone 10 Touch Screen Not Working

Fix# 02

Warm-up your iPhone, especially when you live in a chilly climate:

 According to a few users, starting to heat their iPhones was enough to make the screen respond.

We don’t suggest lighting a flame or placing anything in the oven! Covering it in a robe, cloth, or even lying on it for 5-10 mins succeeded for many. The phone should be turned on for this to function and create some heat.


 Fix# 03

Force restart your iPhone 10:

 In trying to get your iPhone X operating again, perhaps the most basic approach is to Hard Restart it.

This feature isn’t a factory reset, so you’re just compelling your iPhone to turn off.

Force-restarting an iPhone for the last four years is as straightforward as pressing three components:

The volume-up button should be pressed and released several times.

Press and hold the volume-down button for a few seconds.

Drag the power button down until the display turns off and then instantly on. When the Apple logo appears, users can release the power button.


Fix# 04

Update your iOS to the most recent version:

 Do the steps if you didn’t turn on updated software when you just set up your iPhone:

To update your software, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Select Customize Automatic Updates from the drop-down menu (or Automatic Updates). You can select to have updates downloaded and installed automatically.

Update your iPhone using Mac:

Choose one of the following options:

On your Mac, in the Finder sidebar, type: Select your iPhone, then go to the top of the window and click General.

MacOS 10.15 or later is necessary to update your iPhone using the Finder. Use iTunes to upgrade your iPhone if you’re using an older version of macOS.

On your Windows PC, open the iTunes app and go to then, on the top left of the iTunes window, click the iPhone button, then Summary.



Turn off your 3D Touch:

If the above mentioned methods don’t work on your iPhone 10 series, you can try switching 3D Touch on and off.

Some people have reported success with this, and you can try it yourself by following the steps below.

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Select Accessibility from the General menu.
  • Select 3D Touch from the drop-down menu.
  • Turn the swap on or off.

To be extra sure, turn off 3D Touch, Force Restart your iPhone and after that try to see if things go.

If not, continue to the next item listed.

Turn off your 3D Touch



Using recovery mode, reinstall iOs:

  • Open iTunes after connecting your device to a computer.
  • Force it to restart once you’ve connected it.
  • On an iPhone 10 Series or iPhone, do the following: Quickly press and drop the Power Up button. Instantly press and remove the Volume Down button. Then, hold down the Side button till the recovery options screen appears.
  • When a notification comes on your computer screen stating that your iPhone has an issue, select Update.

iphone 10 x touch screen not working

ITunes will attempt to update iOS without losing your content and will fetch the most recent version for your iPhone.

Fix# 07

Reset the phone to original defaults:

 Navigate to Settings > Settings Icon > General > Reset from the Home screen.

Note Left click to open the App Store if an app isn’t displayed on your Main screen.

Restore All Settings is the last option.

Enter the pin if one is offered.

To approve, tap Reset All Settings.

# Wait for a few minutes for the reset and reload operations to finish.

iphone 10 unresponsive screen


Fix# 08

Turn off your iOS updates on your iPhone

 Automatic device updates are available with iOS 12 and higher. We recommend that you disable this option.

When your iOS device is linked to a power supply and a Wireless network, Automatic Updates will upgrade it to the newest release of ios. When you are not using your smartphone, the upgrades usually happen overnight.

iphone 10 screen not responding to touch 

Go to Settings > General > Software Updates > off to turn it off.

 Do these suggestions help you resolve your iPhone X’s unresponsive screen? Do you have a different solution to these problems? Please provide feedback in the comment stream beneath.


If you have any question about iPhone 10 Touch Screen Not Working issue, please let us know in comments.

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