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How to Remove Someone from Your Favorites on iPhone

In the age of smartphones, our iPhones have become an integral part of our daily lives. We use them to communicate, stay organized, and even entertain ourselves. One feature that we often rely on is the Favorites list in our Contacts app. This list allows us quick and easy access to the people we interact with most frequently. However, as our relationships and priorities change, we may find the need to remove someone from our Favorites list. In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps to do just that. So, let’s get started!

Why Remove Someone from Your Favorites?

Before we delve into the steps, let’s briefly discuss why you might want to remove someone from your Favorites list. Life is dynamic, and so are our relationships. You may have added someone to your Favorites list in the past when you communicated frequently, but now you find that you don’t need quick access to their contact information anymore. It’s also possible that your relationship with the person has changed, and you no longer wish to keep them in your Favorites. Whatever your reason may be, removing someone from your Favorites is a straightforward process.

Steps to Remove Someone from Your Favorites

Step 1: Unlock Your iPhone

To begin, unlock your iPhone by entering your passcode or using Face ID or Touch ID.

Step 2: Open the Contacts App

Locate and tap on the “Contacts” app on your iPhone’s home screen. The icon looks like a blue silhouette of a person.

Step 3: Access the Favorites List

Inside the Contacts app, you will see various tabs at the bottom. Tap on the “Favorites” tab to access your Favorites list.

Step 4: Find the Contact

Scroll through your Favorites list to find the contact you want to remove. Tap on their name to open their contact details.

Step 5: Edit the Contact

In the upper-right corner of the contact details page, you will see an “Edit” button. Tap on it.

Step 6: Remove from Favorites

Scroll down the edit page until you see the option “Remove from Favorites.” Tap on it, and a confirmation message will appear.

Step 7: Confirm Removal

To confirm the removal, tap “Remove” in the confirmation message. The contact will be removed from your Favorites list.


Removing someone from your Favorites on your iPhone is a simple process that can help you keep your list organized and up-to-date with your current relationships. As we evolve and our communication patterns change, it’s essential to have control over who appears in this list.

By following the steps outlined above, you can easily manage your Favorites list, ensuring it remains a valuable tool for quick access to the contacts that matter most to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I re-add someone to my Favorites after removing them?

Yes, you can. To re-add someone to your Favorites, simply find their contact in your phone’s Contacts app, open their details, and tap “Add to Favorites.”

2. Will removing someone from my Favorites affect their contact information in my phone?

No, removing someone from your Favorites list will not alter their contact information in any way. It only removes them from your Favorites list for quick access.

3. How many contacts can I have in my Favorites list?

There is no fixed limit to the number of contacts you can add to your Favorites list. You can add as many contacts as you need for quick access.

4. Can I customize the order of contacts in my Favorites list?

Yes, you can. You can rearrange the order of contacts in your Favorites list by tapping “Edit” in the Favorites tab and then dragging and dropping the contacts in your preferred order.

5. Is removing someone from Favorites a permanent action?

No, removing someone from your Favorites list is not permanent. You can add or remove contacts from your Favorites list as often as you like, depending on your current needs and preferences.


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