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How to Recover Video on iPhone Without Data Loss

Very often, along with unnecessary files, the applications, photos and videos we need are also deleted. And of course they can be brought back. Various methods how to Recover Video on iPhone, Apple, for example, offers its official ones such as iTunes or iCloud, which allow you to return previously synced videos.

But, the third method, namely Tenorshare UltData, allows you to get back deleted videos even if they were not synchronized with your computer or cloud storage.

How to Recover Video on iPhone via iTunes

Method 1: How to Recover Video on iPhone via iTunes

The official way that Apple suggests is to use the iTunes utility. But, its disadvantage is that it does not restore the video, but re-uploads it from the computer to the iPhone. Therefore, you will not be able to recover deleted videos that you have not synced.

Step 1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 2. Go to the video tab and select the videos you want to sync.

Step 3. Start synchronization in the menu with information about your smartphone.

Step 4. When the sync is complete, all the marked videos will be moved to the iPhone.


Method 2:  How to get back deleted video on iPhone via iCloud

Using iCloud is an advanced file storage method that requires a good Internet connection. Otherwise, it will be difficult to sync heavier files such as videos. But, if you have synced the videos, then they will be safely saved to the cloud storage.

Step 1. Go to your iPhone’s settings.

Step 2. In the settings, go to the iCloud item. On versions iOS 10.2 and older, you first need to go to the settings section with your name or the name of the smartphone.

Step 3. In the iCloud settings, make sure the toggle next to the video section is turned on. Otherwise, videos will not sync with cloud storage. If video sync was already enabled earlier, then most likely you can download videos from cloud storage.

In order to be able to upload videos to the cloud storage, you need a stable Wi-Fi Internet connection. Transferring files over the mobile internet to the iPhone is severely limited regardless of the version and type of mobile internet.


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iCloud is a cloud storage developed by Apple. It securely stores files and protects them from loss and unauthorized access.

To use cloud storage, you just need to register an Apple ID and at the same time, you will be provided with 5 GB of free space on the cloud storage.

You can also save videos through the cloud-based Google Drive, a direct competitor to iCloud. This storage is the same multi-functional, secure, but more flexible in use and provides 15 GB of space for free. But, it is more optimized for Android users. Not for owners of Apple devices.


Method 3: Program for video recovery – UltData

If you have not synced videos in iTunes, and have not saved them to the iCloud cloud storage, then you can only restore them using Tenorshare UltData. It allows you to literally bring back video from the afterlife. Unless, of course, they have not already been overwritten by other files.

Step 1. Install the Tenorshare UltData utility on your computer. A version for MAC is also available. For a start, a trial version of the utility will be enough.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your computer and run the utility.

Step 3. On the iPhone, you will need to indicate that you trust the computer. After that, the utility will detect your iPhone.

Step 4. After that, you can choose which files you want to recover. In our case, this is a video.

Step 5. Now, to recover deleted files from your iPhone, run a scan and wait while the utility identifies all files that can be recovered.

Step 6. All files and videos that can be restored can be viewed, as well as select the necessary ones and return only them.

Step 7. Start video recovery. After its completion, the deleted videos will be on your iPhone again.

The UltData utility was developed by Tenorshare to work with iPhone and other mobile devices from Apple, as well as Android smartphones. It has a simple interface that is understandable for users of Windows programs and does not require constant synchronization like iTunes.

How to Recover Video on iPhone

Wrap Up

How to Recover Video on iPhone? The answer is pretty simple. If everything is already synced via iTunes or iCloud, then everything is very simple.

It is enough to sync the videos from your computer again or simply download them from the iCloud cloud storage.

It’s another matter if the video was saved only on your smartphone and nowhere else. In this case, you need to use utilities to recover files.

The most convenient, versatile and simpler option is the Tenorshare UltData utility. It has a simple interface, works directly with an iPhone and does not require constant synchronization.

The utility allows you to simply restore a video on your smartphone in just a few clicks. The second feature of the utility is that you can restore only the specified files, and not all at once, as is done when using backups.

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