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How to Deactivate Facebook on iPhone

In this digital age, social media plays a significant role in our lives. Facebook, one of the most popular social networking platforms, allows us to connect with friends, family, and the world at large. However, there are times when you may want to take a break from the constant notifications and updates. Deactivating your Facebook account temporarily can be a solution. In this article, we will guide you through the process of deactivating Facebook on your iPhone.



Facebook provides a platform for socializing, networking, and sharing experiences. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and want a break from Facebook, deactivating your account is a viable option. It allows you to step back without losing your data permanently.

Why Deactivate Facebook?

There can be various reasons for wanting to deactivate Facebook temporarily. Perhaps you want to focus on work, take a digital detox, or resolve privacy concerns. Deactivating your account ensures that you’re not accessible on the platform during your hiatus.

Before You Deactivate

Before proceeding, ensure you’ve considered the consequences of deactivation. You won’t be able to access your account, and your profile will disappear from the platform. However, your data will be saved, and you can reactivate anytime.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deactivate Facebook on iPhone

Step 1: Open the Facebook App

Unlock your iPhone and locate the Facebook app on your home screen. Tap it to open.

Step 2: Access Settings & Privacy

In the bottom right corner of the screen, tap the three horizontal lines to open the menu. Scroll down and find “Settings & Privacy.” Tap it.

Step 3: Deactivation Settings

Under “Settings & Privacy,” locate “Settings” and tap it. Now, find “Account Ownership and Control” and select “Deactivation and Deletion.”

Step 4: Confirm Deactivation

You’ll have two options: “Deactivate Account” and “Permanently Delete Account.” Choose “Deactivate Account” and follow the on-screen instructions to confirm. You may be asked to enter your password.

What Happens When You Deactivate Facebook?

When you deactivate your Facebook account:

  • Your profile and timeline disappear.
  • You won’t appear in searches.
  • Friends can’t tag you.
  • Notifications cease.
  • Your data is retained for reactivation.

Reactivate Your Account

If you decide to return to Facebook, simply log in with your credentials. Your account will be reactivated, and your data will be restored.

Permanently Delete vs. Deactivate

It’s essential to note the distinction between deactivation and permanent deletion. Deactivation is temporary, while permanent deletion erases your data forever. Choose wisely.

Privacy Concerns

Deactivation can help protect your privacy. However, be mindful of the content you’ve shared and review your privacy settings before reactivating.


Deactivating Facebook on your iPhone can provide a refreshing break from the digital world. It’s a reversible process that allows you to return when you’re ready. Prioritize your digital well-being and use this feature wisely.


1. Can I reactivate my Facebook account anytime?

Yes, you can reactivate your account at any time by simply logging in with your credentials.

2. Will my friends know when I deactivate my account?

No, your friends won’t be notified when you deactivate your account.

3. What happens to my Messenger chats when I deactivate Facebook?

Your Messenger chats will still be accessible, but your profile and timeline will be hidden.

4. Can I deactivate Facebook from a computer instead of an iPhone?

Yes, the deactivation process is similar on a computer. You can use any device with internet access.

5. Is there a time limit for how long I can deactivate my Facebook account?

No, there is no time limit for how long you can deactivate your account. You can keep it deactivated for as long as you like.


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