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How Does iOS 15 Work on old iPhones?

IOS 15 improves the performance and battery of older iPhones with very few exceptions! Apple is the company that has spread the most programmed obsolescence in its devices.

In addition, although at first glance it seems a great advantage, it is logical to think that with less powerful devices, the new operating systems rather worsen their performance. This conception makes some users prefer to ignore updates, especially on iPhones.


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However, a recent study has shown how iOS 15 works on older iPhones, with incredible advantages, perhaps in the least thought of feature.

Based on testing from the iAppleBytes YouTube channel , running the Geek bench bench marking app on various iPhone models since 2016, it has concluded that iOS 15 has made older iPhones run faster and have experienced longer battery life. , and rather few have seen any reduction.

ios 15 for old iphones

How long does the battery last in older iPhones with iOS 15?

In iAppleByte tests, installing iOS 15 on an older device increased the time between recharges most of the time. Although there are a couple of exceptions.

  • The 2016 iPhone SE lasted 2 hours 53 minutes while running iOS 15. That’s a little longer than 3 hours. 8 min. It lasted running iOS 13 or the 3 hours. 5 minutes. with iOS 12.4.1.
  • The iPhone 6S was an exception. It lasted 2 hrs. 45 min. with iOS 15, instead of 3 hrs. 21 minutes. running iOS 13 or 3 hrs. 24 min. iOS 12.4.1 was running.
  • The iPhone 7 with the latest version from Apple lasted 3 hours and 43 minutes. That solidly tops 3 hrs. 14 min. It was with iOS 13 or 3 hrs. 6 min. with iOS 12.4.1.
  • The iPhone 8 ran for 3 hours. 27 minutes, compared to 3 hours. 19 min. running iOS 13 and 3 hours 22 minutes. with iOS 12.4.1.
  • The iPhone XR lasted 5 hours. 10 minutes, less than 5 hours. 40 min. with iOS 14.
  • The iPhone 11 lasted 5 hours. 28 min., A little more than 5 hrs. 25 min. shipped with iOS 14.

The new iOS updates offer more than just additional features. But they are also Apple’s way of distributing security patches. And it leaves users with versions lower than iOS 15, iOS 14.8 or iOS 12.5.5, they have a device vulnerable to Pegasus spyware , for example.

Although in the past, Apple itself has been accused of slowing down older devices , to force them to buy newer models, current tests nullify this accusation. And it makes clear that for most people with an older iPhone, the best thing to do is to consider an upgrade.

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