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How to fix Apple Verification ID Failed?

Do you continuously just see the error code “Apple Verification ID failed” when you try to log into iCloud or the Apple App store? Was there an issue connecting to your Apple ID? ” So you’re having trouble connecting your Apple ID?

The error code says,

“Verification failed. There was an error

Connecting to the Apple ID server”

Please keep in mind that there is a good chance that nothing is wrong with your Apple ID. You’re seeing this error for a variety of reasons, including a bad connection.


How to fix verification failed error on your Apple device

Apple Verification ID failed or error in linking to that same Apple ID server is unacceptable because it is a requirement for accessing iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, and other Apple devices.

Apple ID is required to access iCloud and other Apple services and numerous customers have reported receiving “verification failed” warnings while attempt into iCloud, iTunes, or the Apple Store on their iPhone, iPad, or issue we’ll go over how to solve the verification id error for Apple devices in this article.

  • Apple servers are up.
  • Update your IOS.
  • Make sure you have turned on your cellular data or WLAN
  • Date and time setting.
  • Verification code.
  • Change your Apple ID password
  • Sign in and Sign out.
  • Turn off your VPN
  • Restart


What to do when Apple Verification ID failed?

You can use these strategies to fix your verification issue; they may be of use to you.

Apple servers are up:

The very first approach in resolving a verification problem on an Apple device is to determine your servers are not facing any issue.

  • Open a browser, such as Safari, on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac.
  • Visit for more information.
  • Apple built this page to notify the user about significant disruption for Apple services including iCloud, App Store, and much more.

Apple servers

  • Do you see any problems on this page? If that’s the case, just wait; Apple will resolve the issue.
  • If you don’t notice any problems, the fault is likely on your part.


Update your iOS:

If your device’s Apple ID Verification failed as a result of flaws or system issues, it’s a smart option to upgrade to the most recent iOS version as soon as possible to boost device security. If you receive the warning “Error Connecting to Apple ID, Verification failed,” the first thing you need to do is make sure your device’s os is the latest.


To update your iOS follow these steps;

1: Select Settings > General > Software Update from the drop-down menu.

2: Select Customize Automatic Updates from the drop-down menu (or Automatic Updates). You can select to have updates downloaded and installed automatically.

Update your IOS


Make sure you have turned on your cellular data or WLAN:

Check to see if your gadget is connected to the Internet. You can connect to a Wi-Fi network or use cellular service. To begin, ensure that your gadget is connected to the Web. This is a simple task. Simply open a web browser, such as Safari, and type mac into the address bar. Is the site up and running? If you answered yes, move on to the next stage. If this is not the case, you may be experiencing a connection issue.

  • To get started, tap “Settings.”
  • In the device, select “Cellular” or “WLAN.”
  • On the phone, turn on WLAN & Cellular Data by pressing the WLAN & Cellular Data button.
  • To proceed, tap “Cellular Data Options” or “WLAN Data Options.”
  • To continue, enable “Data Roaming” and then “Enable 4G/5G.”
  • Choose between “Voice & Data” and “Data Only,” depending on your needs.

To see if your Wi-Fi is completely functional, do the following:

Go to to see how fast you can go.

  • Click the “Go” button.
  • Check out how quickly you’re Mac can download and upload files. If the figures are considerably lower than those mentioned in your deal, notify your internet service provider (ISP).

Date and time setting:

Any issue with your device’s date, time, or location settings is one concern that can create an irritating error message.

  • To change the date and time, go to Settings > General > Date & Time.
  • Click upon its Set Automatic option and double-check that you’ve selected the correct local time.


apple id verification failedd

Verification code:

Go over to Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security and click Get Verification Code from some other Apple device that uses the very same Apple ID to obtain a verification code.

On your Mac, go to System Preferences > Apple ID > Password & Security (for earlier macOS, go to System Preferences> iCloud Settings > Account Details > Security) to get a verification code.


Apple Verification ID Failed


  Get your verification code on your device:

  • Use your Apple ID and password to log in to a new device or website.
  • On any of your trusted Apple devices, look for a notification.
  • Allow should be selected.
  • To log in, enter the verification code provided on the display.


Obtain a Verification Code via Text Message or Phone Call

  • Select “Didn’t get a verification code” on the sign-in box.
  • If you want the code sent to your phone, select that option.
  • The code will be sent to you via text or phone call.
  • To sign in, enter the verification code provided.


Change your Apple ID password:

 Make sure you update your Apple ID password regularly. Change your Apple ID password if it’s not been updated in quite a while or if it doesn’t meet Apple’s standards.

  • To get started, go to the Apple ID page.
  • Use your existing account and password to log in.
  • Enter the Two-Factor Authentication code that was delivered to your iPhone, iPad, SMS, or email address.
  • Read down to the security section and click “Change Password.”
  • You can now change your password without difficulty.
  • To finish the process, click Change Password.


Sign in and sign out:

Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > your Apple ID and select Sign Out on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Then, using your Apple ID and password, log in.

Open the App Store on your Mac, then pick Store from the menu bar, then Sign Out. After that, sign in.

Apple Verification ID Failed


Turn off your VPN:

If you’re using a VPN server, try disabling it and retrying:

If you’re using an iOS device, click to Settings > VPN or Settings > General > VPN to turn off VPN.

If you’re using a Mac, go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Network and disable VPN. If you’re connecting via an app, go to the app’s settings to disconnect.


Restart your Apple device:

Try restarting your device if the problem persists.

  • Press and hold the Volume Up button (quickly push in and release).
  • Then press and hold the Volume Down button (immediately press and release).
  • Release the Side button after seeing the Apple logo.
  • Simply hold the Side button down till the Apple logo displays on your screen when you see the slide to power option.

If you’ve followed all of the suggestions mentioned and they haven’t worked, it’s best to confront Apple for assistance. Apple provides the following services:

Support is available via live chat.

Reservation at the Genius Bar.

You may also check the status of your Apple warranty.


Why Apple Verification ID failed?  

On their iPhones, a few people have had this problem as occasionally. Do people usually ask why does my apple id password keeps saying verification failed?

When they want to link to iTunes and the Apple Store from their iPhone settings, they get an error notice that states “Apple ID verification failed.” This notification can be inconvenient, and it may lead you to believe that something is amiss with your Apple ID.

It usually implies your device is preventing you from connecting to Apple’s iCloud verification servers.

The majority of the time, this problem is caused by issues unrelated to your Apple ID. Here’s how you can attempt to resolve the issue on your own.


Verification failed your apple id or password is incorrect:

If you receive a notice indicating that your password is incorrect. To reset your password, follow the procedures outlined below;

To reset your password, follow the steps below from any trustworthy iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. You can also borrow an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from a friend or relative. If that doesn’t function, make sure you’re connected to iCloud on a compatible device and that you’re Apple ID has two-factor authentication activated. Instead, take these measures.


Final Words

Simply implementing the solutions we’ve provided here. As it is a software-related problem that is directly linked to Apple software, you don’t need a third-party program or any other tool to solve Apple Verification ID failed. Please let us know which approach worked best for you, and feel free to provide suggestions in the comments section below.

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